Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shameless Promotion!

Time to do a little bit of promotion for people who are doing awesome things. I seem to have a lot of friends who do neat projects or are pursuing their passions in really creative ways. They shouldn't go unnoticed!

So first I want to talk about Bryant Rosenwinkel. Bryant writes music. And sings. And plays music. And... he's awesome at it. Keep in mind that I don't buy music or even really listen to music. Bryant's CD, The Western Thief (iTunes Link), is the first I have purchased in the last 15 years. It has 10 tracks and all 10 are filled with awesome folky goodness with catchy and clever lyrics that tell great stories about life, love and loss. I wouldn't hesitate to get all 10 tracks. He has a couple of sample songs on his myspace page. Do it now!

Second, I need to talk about Chris Hadley and Elisabeth O’Donnell over at They make some great cooking videos on low cost, easily accessible meals. I really like how fun and informative they are, and the food looks great. What's refreshing is that they're very candid throughout the whole cooking process. It's a little more casual and authentic than TV, but still of high quality (not some high school kids with a camera on YouTube). Since the two hosts of the show are dating, they're fun to watch and kind of flirty with each other, (but not in the weird way like Regis and Kelly). Check them out too!

That's all for now!